Protect Electronic Circuitry and Components From Environmental Damage

Deepmaterial offers a wide variety of light-curable structural bonding adhesives and materials suitable for circuit protection and electronic component assembly applications. Many of our light-curable adhesives are electrically insulating and designed for various operations including conformal coating, encapsulation, ruggedizing and reinforcement, thermal management, as well as optical display bonding and lamination. Most materials have multiple-viscosity grades so manufacturers can tailor the material flow to the specific project requirements. The products are used in automotive and consumer electronics and aerospace and defense applications. Many products are a one-part, solvent-free adhesive material.

*Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates
*LED, UV, Visible Light curing in seconds
*Multiple viscosities available
*One part formulations – no mixing or diluting
*Solvent free

Light-Cure Adhesives For Camera Module Assembly
Deepmaterial adhesives and light-curable materials are utilized for the assembly of camera modules found in smart connected devices, automobiles, as well as security and industrial camera systems. The materials form strong bonds that cure in seconds upon exposure to light energy, providing higher UPH and greater throughput at a lower cost.

The products have excellent adhesion to a variety of plastics and metals and are capable of withstanding harsh conditions like moisture, heat, and shock.

*Bonding the camera lenses
*Fixturing the lens barrel to a lens holder
*Bonding the lens holders to the PCB (Active Alignment)
*Flexible PCB Reinforcement
*Bonding the IR filter to the lens holder
*Attaching the CCD or CMOS die to the PCB

Conformal Coatings for PCB Protection
Deepmaterial conformal coatings for printed circuit board (PCB) assembly cure in seconds upon exposure to UV/Visible light, helping to streamline manufacturing processes. Apply, cure, and ship immediately! Eliminate the time-consuming steps of traditional thermal-cure and room temperature-cure technologies.

The products are electrically insulated so they can be applied over the entire PCB surface or in select areas to provide protection from service environments.

Circuit board conformal coatings contain low VOCs, eliminating the need for solvent handling while enhancing worker safety and minimizing environmental impact. Each product is one part (no mixing required) for easy dispensing.

Conformal Coatings for PCB Protection
Deepmaterial light-cure conformal coatings have been used to protect printed circuit boards in many high-reliability applications, including military, aerospace, consumer electronics, medical, automotive, appliance, and telecom applications. Our conformal coatings are designed to streamline the assembly process, curing tack free in seconds upon exposure to light. Manufactures can apply, cure, and ship immediately, eliminating time-consuming steps associated with other types of conformal coatings.

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