Sports and Leisure Equipment Adhesive

We offer a full line of adhesive solutions for sports and leisure applications, including golf equipment, spa tubs, and RV manufacturing. Our golf equipment solutions include the ball arm and ball head of golf, with substrates such as galvanized steel, titanium alloy, and carbon steel. Deepmaterial’s technologies, our innovative hot melt adhesives enable manufacturers to design the modern, high-performance leisure goods that consumers demand.

Our portfolio of cyanoacrylate and Methyl methacrylate (MMA) adhesives bond a variety of components in hot tubs and whirlpools. From bonding hose clamps with instant adhesives to bonding PVC pipe to composite materials, acrylic to acrylic for the filter housings, and wood composites on the spa tub exterior using MMAs, we have a variety of solutions for spa tub manufacturing.

Deepmaterial High Strength Epoxy Structural Adhesive for sport:

*Resistance of moisture, pollution and other atmospheric constituent
*High tensile, excellent adhesive property
*Excellent pollution resistance, low demand of surface pretreatment
*No solvent, no curing by-products
*Excellent high and low temperature resistance (-50~150°C)
*Medium viscosity, good operational process
*Good adhesion to fiberglass cloth, steel plate etc

Sports Shoes

We develop innovative shoe manufacturing adhesives based on fluctuating marketing dynamics and trends. We understand that sport shoe manufacturers and designers are up against two significant challenges when it comes to production: speed and cost. DeepMaterial’s broad range of adhesive products can support you at all stages of the manufacturing process. We work with partners in the sports shoe industry and combine their expert knowledge with our own chemical expertise to create long-lasting advantages in shoe production.

The joining of the upper to the sole is the most exigent process in footwear manufacturing as it demands high bond strength. The upper includes the vamp which covers the front, the toe, and the quarters. The sole is the underside of the shoe, comprising the insole, the midsole and the heel.

Adhesion in shoe bonding can be improved by surface modification of the upper and/or sole materials, and by modifying the adhesive formulation, or both. Depending on the type of shoe, different bonding performance is required.

While on the one hand, sport or safety shoes are extremely exigent in terms of bond strength, due to the demanding conditions in which they are used; on the other hand, requirements for fashion or casual footwear are not so stringent. In this sense, the correct choice of the adhesive is fundamental to ensure the bond strength required by both shoe manufacturers and standards.

For footwear assembly
The effectiveness of an adhesive depends first of all on the material to which you are going to apply it. Ideal for joining TR, PVC, PUR, rubber and leather soles with synthetic fabrics or other greasy skins, polyurethane adhesives have always lived up to our expectations.

Versatile and ultra-resistant, this footwear adhesive can be used on all kinds of sports soles.

Deepmaterial Adhesives
Shenzhen Deepmaterial Technologies Co., Ltd. is an electronic material enterprise with electronic packaging materials, optoelectronic display packaging materials, semiconductor protection and packaging materials as its main products. It focuses on providing electronic packaging, bonding and protection materials and other products and solutions for new display enterprises, consumer electronics enterprises, semiconductor sealing and testing enterprises and communication equipment manufacturers.

Materials Bonding
Designers and engineers are challenged every day to improve designs and manufacturing processes.

Industrial adhesives are used to bond various substrates via adhesion (surface bonding) and cohesion (internal strength).

The field of electronics manufacturing is diverse with hundreds of thousands of different applications.

Electronic Adhesive
Electronic adhesives are specialized materials that bond electronic components.

DeepMaterial Electronic Adhesive Pruducts
DeepMaterial, as an industrial epoxy adhesive manufacturer, we do lost of research about underfill epoxy, non conductive glue for electronics, non conductive epoxy, adhesives for electronic assembly, underfill adhesive, high refractive index epoxy. Base on that, we have the latest technology of industrial epoxy adhesive. More...

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Deepmaterial can provide the right solution for your specific needs. Whether your project is small or large, we offer a range of single use to mass quantity supply options, and we'll work with you to exceed even your most demanding specifications.

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