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The field of electronics manufacturing is diverse with hundreds of thousands of different applications, many with their own set of individual adhesive requirements. Electronics design engineers regularly face the dual challenge of tracking down the correct adhesive for their application, while also focusing on aspects such as keeping material costs low. Ease of introduction into a production line is also important as this can reduce cycle time while simultaneously improving product performance and quality. It can be a challenging task but Deepmaterial’s technical team is ready to help!

At Deepmaterial, we’re known for our adhesives, but we’re so much more. We’re a global team by your side from concept to manufacturing. Like you, we have our eye on the future — devices optimized for the IoT, 5G and beyond — and we want to help you navigate it. Whether you’re developing a smartphone, bluetooth speaker, wearable, smart home device, or simply need a spark of inspiration, Deepmaterial is here to help with a full range of products.Eech industry adhesives, our market-proven selection of consumer electronics solutions are designed with your needs in mind, so you can keep moving forward.

We understand your design challenges. From impact resistance, to waterproofing and reworkability, we rigorously test our adhesives and provide the data you need to help predict material behavior. We bring together science and state-of-the-art testing so there’s less time worrying about material capabilities and more time focusing on what your customers desire most — a reliable device with unhindered functionality.