Leading innovation in pressure sensitive adhesives

Leading innovation in pressure sensitive adhesives

Deepmaterial adhesives manufactures next generation pressure sensitive adhesives widely used in electronic assembly for smartphones, computers, wearables, tablets, wireless speakers and much more. We support electronics manufacturers who must keep pace with adhesive innovation in an ever-evolving industry.

Deepmaterial can customize the precise electronic adhesive formula you need.
Our business model is based on dedicated formulations committed to customer project excellence. We have a legacy of customer collaboration specifying the adhesives required to match their application specific needs. Pressure-sensitive adhesive advantages in electronic applications:
*Instant bonding for quicker line speeds
*Temperature flexibility
*Moisture resistance
*Chemical free (solvents)
*Instant bonding for quicker line speeds
*Viscosity flexibility
*Low odor and VOC
*Multitude of dispensing capabilities providing part design flexibility
*Gap-filling capabilities
*Long shelf-life with no refrigeration or environmental controls necessary
*Ability to handle and rework pre-cure
*Impact and shock resistance

Pressure sensitive adhesives: Creating advantages for electronic manufacturing
High bond strength, low application cost and unprecedented production safety value are just some of the reasons why the electronics industry is turning more and more to pressure-sensitive adhesives as the technology leader for future electronic applications. As Deepmaterial adhesives, we set ourselves apart by being at the forefront of this electronic manufacturing innovation. Solvent free, instant bonding, extensive temperature flexibility are just some of the many Deepmaterial innovations helping bond a myriad of electronic assembly applications.

Electronic device applications are uniquely demanding. Our pressure sensitive adhesives provide high levels of impact and shock resistance and long-lasting protection against many environmental contaminants.

Electronic applications that favor pressure-sensitive adhesives as the premier adhesive solution:
*Wearables sealing and assembly
*Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly
*Portable device assembly
*Circuit board masking protection
*Sensory electronics
*Thermal management
*Electrical Insulation
*Automotive electronics
*Flat panel display assembly

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