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How the clear electronic grade silicone help product assembly increase efficiency

How the clear electronic grade silicone help product assembly increase efficiency

Clear electronic grade silicone is a very important adhesive that plays an important role in the assembly of electrical consumer goods. This is a special industrial adhesive that plays a central role in the production and assembly of goods in the electrical/electronic industry. As a neutral-cure silicone, the bonding agent does not give off any bad odours during use. Many manufacturers depend on glue when it comes to bonding materials that are found in confined areas. While this adhesive is suitable for use with large-scale production, adequate ventilation is usually needed when the glue is being used. As a neutral-cure silicone, this glue can be used safely on electronics.


Why do you need the clear electronic grade silicone for product assembly

Due to the availability of robust clear electronic-grade silicone, electronic assembly facilities can now easily increase production efficiency. A typical clear electronic grade silicone is produced specifically to be used in the electrical/electronic industry. This form of industrial adhesive is used in the production and assembly of consumer goods.

Electronic Adhesive Glue Manufacturers And Suppliers China
Electronic Adhesive Glue Manufacturers And Suppliers China

Application of the clear electronic grade silicone

The electrical/electronic industry is made of numerous products that come with various components that need to be bonded to the parent material. In addition, many of these components need the right environment or encasement to work at optimal levels. This is where the clear electronic grade silicone comes in. This is a unique adhesive that is used for the protection, sealing, and insulation of electronic and electrical materials that are sensitive to corrosion. This adhesive works properly when used to shield corrosion-sensitive elements made of silver, brass, copper, and so on. When it comes to the application of this grade of silicone adhesive, it can be deployed for use in numerous conditions. Some of the applications of this industrial adhesive includes:

  • Conductor entry holes
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Coaxial cable connectors
  • Cover plates
  • Splices
  • Conduit ends
  • Electrical connections
  • Component mounting
  • Conduit terminal boxes
  • Lead-wire entries


This adhesive is usually applied as silicone coatings and encapsulants that offer protection and safety to vulnerable electronic components that are exposed to harsh environments. The clear electronic grade silicone comes with a wide range of mechanical properties that makes it such a suitable adhesive for industrial applications. It is great when it comes to shielding corrosion-sensitive parts in electronics and various other electrical materials. This is why many original equipment manufacturers (OEM) rely on adhesives for both industrial and commercial applications.


Benefits of using the clear electronic grade silicone

  • Safe with electronics:Unlike many other types of industrial adhesives that attack materials used for electronic goods, this sealant is different. It has been produced purposely for use in the electrical/electronic industry. This means that it is safe for use when producing and assembling electronics.
  • Low shrinkage:The adhesive is characterized by low shrinkage, which means that it undergoes negligible weight loss during the curing process.
  • Clear colour:The adhesive is suitable for applications where the electronic components need to be shielded and seen. Clear electronic grade silicone is known as a colourless industrial adhesive that provides manufacturers with the opportunity to see the nature of the electronic component being protected.
  • Non-conductive properties:The clear-grade silicone for electronics does not conduct electricity. This inability of the adhesive to let electricity flow freely makes it a suitable industrial adhesive for use as an insulator.
  • Used for sealing components: The clear-grade silicone adhesive for electronics comes with special properties that makes them useful for protecting electrical/electronic parts. They can be used as encapsulants, bonding agents, and seals for shielding electronic components from harsh environments.
  • Resistance to chemicals:Clear electronic grade silicone has amazing resistant properties. It can easily resist oils and chemicals. This is why it can be installed in areas that are susceptible to oils and chemicals. It is resistant to a wide range of oils/chemicals.
  • Meets various standards:manufacturers want industrial adhesives that satisfy various industry best practices and standards. The clear electronic grade silicone meets various requirements and approvals for creating the right adhesion for bonding.
  • Withstand moisture:This is an important industry adhesive that has excellent moisture-repellent properties. Its ability to withstand moisture makes it applicable to various water-based environments. The adhesive will repel water to shield electrical components from damage.
  • Resistant to physical shocks: The clear electronic grade silicone is highly resistant to various physical shocks. This is why it is deployed as a safe shield to protect vulnerable electrical/electronic components. It can easily resist abrasion and vibrations.
  • Excellent dielectric properties:Clear electronic grade silicone has excellent dielectric properties. Which means that it has a great propensity to store an electric flux (charges). As a non-conducting material, this industrial adhesive can store electrical charges.
  • Resistance to electrical tracking:Clear electronic grade silicone can be applied in cases where electrical tracking is to be resisted. To prevent damage to insulation due to tracking, clear electronic-grade silicone is applied in that area.
Electronic Adhesive Glue Manufacturers And Suppliers China
Electronic Adhesive Glue Manufacturers And Suppliers China

How best to use the clear electronic grade silicone for the best results

Clear electronic grade silicone is widely deployed on various electronics and electrical products. To get the best results from this industrial adhesive, the right steps and procedures must be followed. To start the process, it is important to clean the surface dry. After which the necessary steps include:

  • Then dispense the adhesive to the area of application.
  • Insert the silicone adhesive into the needed surface while making sure to get rid of the excess silicone.
  • Give the silicone adhesive some time to completely cure. This usually happens at a room temperature of about 25 degree Celsius and with a relative humidity of 50%.
  • The silicone usually takes 10 minutes to skin while getting fully cured in just 24 hours.
  • After the first day, the silicone adhesive continues to cure. The total curing process takes about 7 days at which point it gets to its maximum adhesion. With this type of silicone adhesive, you can accelerate the curing process by increasing the level of humidity.

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