Electrionic adhesives for Consumer device assembly

Assemble Consumer Wearable Devices
Quickly assemble non-medical grade consumer wearables with the Deepmaterial series of light-curable electronic adhesives and encapsulants designed for applications where skin sensitivity or skin proximity is a concern.

This product line was formulated to remove certain skin irritants such as isobornyl acrylate (IBOA) and made with low-sensitizing ingredients, without compromising the quality and high performance associated with Dymax materials.

These skin-friendly wearable adhesives are used to assemble the numerous components found in consumer wearable devices such as fitness trackers, smart watches, earbuds, and AR/VR headsets. Applications include electronics encapsulation, lens alignment, and structural bonding. The products also address issues associated with assembling devices that cannot be hermetically sealed or a customer’s restricted-substance requirements.

To combat the many challenges in designing and manufacturing these consumer electronics devices, the materials feature the flexibility, bonding capability, and weatherability needed to produce superior, non-skin-irritating adhesives and encapsulants.

While the Deepmaterial series is not designed for direct skin contact, these consumer wearables products are suitable for devices worn on the body for short- or long-term periods, where extractable or leachable materials may be a concern.

*Free of IBOA (isobornyl acrylate), a known skin sensitizer
*Cure using UV/LED light
*One-part formulation – no mixing
*Light + moisture cure products for shadow area curing
*Solvent free
*Low-sensitizing ingredients
*Skin friendly

Deepmaterial series adhesives are designed for the assembly of wearable consumer (non medical) electronic devices where materials of concern and proximity to skin matter. We have intentionally removed potential skin sensitizers like IBOA and other materials of concern to make our materials wearable friendly without compromising trusted quality and high performance.

Light-Curable Optically Clear Adhesives
Protect and enhance the clarity of flat panel displays, liquid crystal displays (LCD), and smart connected devices with Materials light-curable optical display bonding adhesives.

Materials are specifically formulated for applications where durable, crystal-clear, invisible bonds are required. Their fast, on-demand cure allows substrates to be repositioned precisely until parts are ready to be cured. LCD adhesives are ideal for touch panel assembly including bonding flat panel displays, touch screens, LCD screens, tablets, outdoor display billboards, navigation systems, liquid crystal displays, kiosk panels, mobile phones, and smart connected devices.

*Cure with LED or UV/Visible light
*Complete cure in seconds
*Non-yellowing for increased light transmission, enhanced brightness, optical clarity, and better *contrast ratios
*Excellent bond strength
*Superior re-workability for easy removal or repair
*Easy flow characteristics for flat panel lamination
*Excellent thermal shock resistance
*Low shrinkage minimizes visible distortion after cure
*Reduces entrapment and bubbles for ripple-free bonds
*Solvent free


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