Anti-static Optical Glass Protection Film

The product is a high cleanliness anti-static protective film, the product mechanical properties and size stability, easy to tear off and tear up without leaving residual adhesive. It has good resistance to high temperature and exhaust. Suitable for material transfer, panel protection and other use scenarios.



Product Specification Parameters

Product Model Product Type Thickness Peeling force
DM-310 PET+acrylic 60μm <200gf/25mm
DM-332 PET+Silicone 150μm 18~25gf/25mm
DM-333 PET+Silicone 150μm 18~25gf/25mm
DM-PTU0502E PET+PU 60μm 3~6gf/25mm
DM-PTU0501E PET+PU 60μm 3~6gf/25mm